ha ha

Punkie is getting his teeth, finally.  He didn’t get his first tooth until about two weeks ago — he was 13 months old and toothless!  Now, he’s working on his third tooth in two weeks.  Friends, these are crazy times in the Punkie household.

Wait . . . wait . . . wait . . . wait . . . . BOOM.

I’m not entirely sure that I’m handling his teething pain properly, although I am doing what the doctor recommended.  When Punkie is in the throes of teething pain, he’ll grab the cold teether from my hands and throw it at the wall.  Other times he might play with it and quickly leave it behind.  I end up giving him some Motrin or Tylenol.  On a rare occasion, I might give him a little of each, depending on his level of distress and the timing of doses.

A friend recommended Hyland teething tablets, but I was reading online about how they aren’t entirely safe, so I don’t want use them.  I read about teething necklaces, but, after getting to know Punkie the way that I do, I’m not entirely sure putting a noose . . . er necklace . . . of beads around his neck is a good idea.  I also read about numbing stuff that you rub onto the gums, but there are some doomy sounding warnings around that.

What’s getting me going, though, is that he won’t show me his teeth willingly.  I’ve been reduced to planning a surprise attack and wrestling with a baby.  I have to wait until he’s trapped in his highchair and REALLY FAST put my forearm across his forehead, hold his arms down, and get my finger into his mouth before he realizes what I’m doing.  Otherwise, Punkie will suddenly display ninja-like reflexes and ward me off.  The sneak attack is key.

But he shows my husband willingly.  That doesn’t seem entirely fair to me.  I’m just sayin.


He Hates Monday

Poor Punkie – he really hates Mondays.  And teething.  And being tired.

He’s Garfield.


Last night, Punkie didn’t sleep very much.  It’s hard to say what was bothering him.  He woke up 3 or 4 times earlier in the night and allowed himself to fall back asleep pretty quickly.  If it were teething pain, I think it would have kept him up longer and we probably would have felt the need to give him some Tylenol.  I wonder what was bothering him.

Then, he woke up for a long stretch at 3:00AM.  I think THAT was his teeth.  We gave him some Tylenol, but he was hopelessly wide awake by that point.

Punkie and I finished the night snuggling and trying to catch a little more sleep on the couch together, Punkie in the cushion* and me using the side of the cushion for a pillow.  Essentially, Punkie whacked me in the head and pulled my hair for 2 hours while I tried to sleep a little.

When my husband came downstairs to join us after the whacking-and-hair-pulling-nap, Punkie didn’t give him the usual big, toothless grin.  He really doesn’t like Mondays and he was off his game from the rough night we all had.

When my husband dropped him off at day care today, Punkie cried big tears.  Poor guy – I wish I was there to comfort him. It’s days like these that I feel especially bad for not being there with him.

I called his day care room to check in on him – they said it was rough going at first, but he took a long nap and drank a bottle and is now doing great.  I hope that’s true.  I didn’t hear him yelling or crying in the background.

*I reviewed the cushion in a previous blog (https://thelawyergetsakid.com/2014/05/19/podster-product-review/).