Working Hard

Punkie has been working hard.  He can now pull himself up and stand while holding onto something.  He can also clap, give me five, and (sometimes) wave.

Punkie can say MaMa and DaDa, but he says MaMa when he’s with my husband and DaDa when he’s with me.  I guess he’s either just making random noises or he’s a “grass is always greener” kind of guy.

What I love most about all of this is how hard he works at doing these things.  He tries and fails over and over until he gets it right, and his look of concentration is adorable – he sucks his bottom lip in and wrinkles his forehead.

Punkie is also going through a little separation anxiety.  He wants me to sit next to him and will cry if I walk away, but he doesn’t want me to hold him.  He just wants me in his line of sight, I think.

I really enjoyed spending the long weekend with Punkie and seeing him work through all of these things in real time.  I really miss him this morning, now that I’m back at work and he’s back at day care.



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