One Year is Imminent

redacted duo

I just can’t believe that Punkie will be turning 1 soon.  He’s almost 11 months old and I’m starting to plan the first birthday party.

He’s changed so much, obviously.  I almost don’t remember that little peanut from a year ago.  If I’m being honest, I enjoy him a lot more now that he’s trying to talk and communicate.  When he does a hand motion to communicate with me, my heart swells up.  And the little noises he makes when he flips through the pages of one of his books is the cutest thing I have ever heard.  Ever.

I’m feeling a lot of stress about the birthday party – not the planning part.  I can plan it, no problem.  It’s the family getting together part.  We just don’t get along and I just won’t be able to stand it if Punkie gets pulled into the drama and fighting.  I really hope we can all behave ourselves for his birthday.

I had considered not doing a party because he won’t know the difference and, well, I just don’t want to deal with drama.  But it’s not fair to Punkie or me if I let that stuff stop me from celebrating this happy little boy.

So, I’ll find some time to festoon the house with blue and green balloons and cartoon dinosaurs and there will be cake.  And Punkie will smash that cake like it’s his job.


2 thoughts on “One Year is Imminent

  1. I can’t believe how time flies! They grow so quickly, don’t they! I’m sorry you’re worried about drama, but I think you have the right attitude- celebrate your sweet boy and if other people want to be dramatic, then, well, that’s their problem. I hope little Punkie has an amazing birthday!


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