A while back, I wrote about Wegmans, which I called “the greatest store on Earth”:

And I’m pretty sure some folks at Wegmans checked out that blog because I saw some unusual activity on that post via WordPress Stats.  So I’m talking to you, Wegmans folks.

I raved about how much I love the special parking spots for people with small children.


Hey – what the hell, Wegmans?

On Sunday, I drove to my usual parking area and – WHAT? The spots are gone.

At the suggestion of my husband (who was responding to my strongly voiced opinions), we drove around the most congested parts of the parking lot just to see what was going on and it looks like you moved the spots without warning or notice.  To spots that are farther away from the doors.  Also, the new spots are scattered around so, every time I want to park in one, I will have to cruise up and down multiple aisles in the most congested parts of the parking lot just to see if a spot is open.

That’s not convenient at all.

I don’t desire to (i) fight with parking lot warriors in the busiest part of the parking lot and (ii) play an extended game of Frogger with the baby on the way to the front doors.

So, this blog post is a partial retraction – I still love you, Wegmans, but, as of the date of this post, I’m forced to say you are a very good store on Earth.




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