Little Things

Punkie is 5 1/2 months old now and I’m struck by how, since he was born, it’s the little things about him that make me smile.  Although my routine has become a monotony, Punkie has a lot of quirks that really entertain me.

He’s babbling and yelling gibberish at us continuously.  He’ll jump in his Jumparoo toy for 15 minutes straight while yelling and smiling.  I just love it – I can tell that he has a lot to say.  My husband thinks I’ll regret saying this, but I can’t wait until he starts talking.  I am going to love hearing the rolling commentary of everything in his head.

Also, he has a new habit of snatching things out of my hands.  He’s fast! His favorite thing to try to snatch away is my phone- here he is trying to grab my phone for the 100th time:










I’m sure this should annoy me, but he’s so darn cute and he’s always smiling when he does it.  The only real issue is that this new habit is cutting down on my coffee intake in the morning – I can’t risk burning him with a hot coffee mug.

We’ve started him on some solid food and he has favorite foods already.  For some reason, Punkie just loves carrots and peas.  Personally, I cannot stand peas and I find the smell of the pea baby food to be disgusting –  I can’t understand how those win out against apples and bananas.  I told him that I love him even if he likes peas instead of apples.  This enthusiasm for peas and carrots is as endearing as it is puzzling.  And I have time to work on the apple thing – apple season is coming up quickly.

It’s the little things.


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